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Millikan Middle School Affiliated Charter Performing Arts Magnet & Science Academy

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MillikanFilm Studios releases new Fall Films on millikanfilm.com

MillikanFilm Studios releases new Fall Films on millikanfilm.com visit millikanfilm.com to view films
GATE Newsletter for Parents
GATE Newsletter in English and Spanish available here.

MILLIKAN TOURS ALL TOURS ARE NOW FULL. Please call the day before any tour date to see if we have a cancellation.
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Attendance Challenge

Every instructional minute counts for a student!
Let's make a better effort to stay in school.  There are a few simple things we can do:
1.    Make appointments after school is out for the day
2.    Only leave class to go to the nurse when you are genuinely feeling ill. 
3.    Eat breakfast. Some stomach and head aches are actually hunger and the need for water.
4.    Take regular restroom breaks during nutrition and lunch.
5.     Make the attempt to schedule family vacations when students are out of school.
Last year, Millikan lost $370,389 in funding due to student absences.  Imagine what we could buy for students and their classrooms with that money!!
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Magnet Program & Bus

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Date: 12/20/2014
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