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Welcome students and parents.
All lessons and homework assignments are now available for download only on Schoology.  
What is a student supposed to do if absent? 
  1. Printout (or hand copy) both the lesson and homework from Schoology or get pre-printed copies from the bin in the front of the classroom.
  2. Complete both. Call a friend for help if needed. I teach two sections of Math 8 and two sections of Algebra 1, so the help can come from other periods. Note that the lessons come with some answers completed to help you along. You may also come see me at nutrition or lunch for help (make-up help is not available during class).
  3. Write "Absent" at the top of the first page.
  4. Hand in the work as usual in the homework bin in the front of the classroom.
You do not need to tell me why you were absent!  Good and bad excuses are treated the same. The important thing is to make up the work that has been missed.