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About The Teacher
  • NAME: Dr. Clum
  • SCHOOL: Millikan Middle School
  • CLASS: 7th Grade Biology and Health and 6th Grade Earth Science and Health
  • SCHOOL PHONE: (818)528-1600(818)528-1600
If you'd like to have a conference with me or have a concern, I prefer that parents contact the school and I will get back to parents by phone.  I do not check my emails regularly so this is not a good way to reach me.  Thanks.
I've been a teacher since 1988. I taught ESL at ORT Technical Institute for 10 years. This is my 15th year at Millikan Middle School. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic. My hobbies are Martial Arts, Chinese Calligraphy, Painting, and Cooking. I am married with 3 children. I love teaching!

Mission For The Class
  • To get students to be more organized.
  • To help students develop a life long interest in Science.
  • To provide an environment suitable for rigorous study.
  • There are many more things but these are the main ones.
Emergency Lesson Plan 1
Have students do metric conversions.
Ex. 6 inches=___________cm
1 inch=2.54cm
6 inches x 2.54cm/1 inch= ________cm
cancel like units and multiply across
6 x 2.54 cm= 15.24cm
See page in agenda to help convert units or check search engine.
1. 8 inches=___________cm
2. 12 inches=___________cm
3. 3 feet= ____________cm
4. 18 feet= ____________meters
5. 3 kg= ____________lbs.
6. 13.5 kg= ___________lbs.
7. 1 gallon= ____________liters
8. 2.5 quarts= ____________liters
Students make 3 examples an exchange with neighbor

Emergency Lesson Plan 2

Get meter sticks from store room and have students use them to measure their height in centimeters and inches. Have students find the Area of 10 flat objects in the room. Students must measure in cm and write down the objects that they measured. Students now convert all measurements to inches.

Emergency Lesson Plan 2

Have students measure the length of their feet in cm. Students will then write down the foot length of all students in class and find the average foot length. Students will then make a bar graph showing foot length for the whole
class from largest to smallest. Numbers may be rounded off to the nearest cm.

Recent Posts

Reproductive System Lessons Next 2 Weeks

Next week we will be learning about the Human Reproductive System.  The week after we will be learning about sexually transmitted diseases.   A paper was sent home with each student on 4/24/17 to this regard.   If parents do not want their child to be in class for such lesson, they need to inform the teacher ASAP.  If parents wish to view the materials please contact the teacher ASAP.  If the teacher does not here from you we will proceed with the lessons.  For these lessons, no outside speakers will be used.  We will primarily use the text book.  Please see Chapter 6 and Chapter 12. 4 of the Teen Health text book.  We will watch age appropriate educational videos for these topics that are part of the school resources.   Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Upcoming Project

Students in all classes should be working at home on their projects for Open House between now and April 5th.   See the current syllabus posted in the Homework Section  for details.

Nutrition Assignment

An assignment regarding Nutrition was given Friday Feb. 17 in class.  Most student did not finish it.  It needs to be turned in Tuesday of the following week.

Two Page Essay-Environmental Ethics

Students are to finish this classwork at home if they did not finish in class.

Homework-Due Monday 12/5

Students were given an at home experiment to do on Thursday 12/1.
-Dr. Clum

Review Week

Now that we are at the 10 week, we will not be starting a new topic but rather going back and reviewing some of the things that we already covered and building on that information.   There will not be a syllabus for periods 2 and 3.
-Dr Clum


Too many students are not completing their homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   Parent involvement is necessary for students to be accountable.   Students are required to write down that they have homework.  So, please check your child's agenda.  10 week grades have been entered and will most likely come out next week.    These grades will indicate whether or not the homework is being completed.
Dr. Clum

Protein Synthesis Quiz

Tomorrow 9/30, students will take a quiz on Protein Synthesis.  Test scores have been low in Period 1, 4, 5, and 6 and so all students should study hard.

Quiz Tomorrow on the Cell Cycle

Students should review the content of Chapter 5.2 from their books and assignments in preparation for their quiz.

Time to Discuss Grades

Dear Parents and Students,
As we get near the date of the distribution of the 5 week progress reports some students want to know about their grades.  On all progress reports and report cards I mark the actual grade and other marks.  I do not use a / to indicate a passing grade.
Every five weeks I will try to set aside time at nutrition for students to come in and ask about their grades.  This is when students who have questions should come and see me.   This will be on Monday 9/19/16 during Nutrition.
Parents who want to discuss the grades are welcome to make an appointment before school to discuss the grades next week beginning on 9/19/16.

Quality of Work

Dear Parents,
The number of students who competed homework has improved slightly.  However, too many students are taking short-cuts.   Please look at the homework turned in by your child.   Look for the following things.
-complete sentences
-periods (punctuation)
-full name on the assignment
Students grades are lowered when they do not do these things.
Homework will usually be given on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
Thank you.
Dr. Clum

Homework and Finish Class Work from Tuesday 9/13/16

Students in all periods need to complete the worksheet started in class.   Period 2 and 3 finished but there were numerous student in periods 1, 4, 5, and 6 who either didn't finish even though we went through everything or did not write the material in the right place.  
Homework- Periods 1, 4, 5, and 6
Due to low test scores last week a reteaching activity on Cell Organelles was given today.  Please see that this is completed by tomorrow.

Student Progress in Periods 1,4,5 and 6

Attention Parents
Several papers have been handed back as we approach the end of the 5 week grading period.   Many students in these classes are not studying for the weekly quizzes given on Friday.   Find out if your child needs to work on last week's topic more by asking them the following questions:
What do the following organelles do?
1.  nucleus
2.  endoplasmic reticulum
3.  ribosomes
4.  Golgi
5.  lysomes
6.  vacuoles
7.  cytoskeleton
These items are directly from the notes.  
The material was covered and reviewed extensively.
Look for a Homework assignment going home on 9/13 to review this.
-Dr. Clum