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About The Teacher
  • NAME: Deborah Woolford
  • SCHOOL: Millikan Middle School
  • CLASS: 6th Grade Earth Science, 6,7,8th grade Environmental Studies Science
  • SCHOOL PHONE: 818-528-1600
  • EMAIL:
Ms. Woolford established the first Environmental Studies Science Program at Millikan in 2011. Utilizing the 2 acre Agricultural area on campus since 2004, Ms. Woolford and her students have successfully installed and maintain a 3500 gallon turtle pond for red-eared slider turtles; 40 raised Vegetable beds which yield organic crops that are donated twice yearly to the San Fernando Rescue Mission; Fruit tree orchard; Greenhouse and worm farm; Butterfly Garden and Succulent Garden. Animals in the classroom include Twix the friendy Kingsnake, Mongo the giant Oscar fish and the beloved Tank the 100 pound Sulcata Tortoise who roams the gardens and classroom where he feels right at home with all her students!
Ms. Woolford launched the first 6th Grade Honors Science Academy (now known as S.T.E.M.)at Millikan Middle School in 2003.  Ms. Woolford is a registered leader of Roots & Shoots, a program run by the Jane Goodall Institute worldwide and integrated with the Environmental Studies curriculum. Ms. Woolford is certified by the N.A.S.A. Lunar Sample Disk program to receive actual samples of moon rocks and meteors for students to examine in the classroom. Ms. Woolford has earned a B.A. from New York University, a Masters in Education from University of Phoenix and her teaching credential.  Her goal is to enlighten and empower young minds to become proactive in preserving Earth's natural resources and becoming life-long compassionate custodians of the world they live in.

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