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Resource Specialist Program

Dear Parents/Guardians:
It is a pleasure to have your son/daughter enrolled in a Resource Specialist Program Math and English class this semester.

This year, I collaborate with:
Period 1: Mrs.Soto - Math 8th/room 16
               Ms.Stealy - English 8th/room 29
Period 2: Mrs.Soto - Math 8th/room 16
Period 3: Mr.Benn - Math 8th/room 79
               Mr.Chaidez - Math 8th/room 72
Period 5: Ms.Sakurai - English 8th/room 29
Period 6: Ms.Bedrossian - English 8th/room 42
                Ms.Chavez - English 8th/room 70
                Mr.Benn - Math 8th/room 79
The general education teachers and I would like to do everything possible to ensure a rewarding experience for your son/daughter.
I believe your ongoing support and participation in your son/daughter's education is essential to the success of our program.

It is important that you and your son/daughter to be informed of the standards in each class and to know the teachers/class' expectations are.

To ensure a positive learning environment for every student in the classroom, all students are expected to treat each other and the teachers with respect and courtesy at all times. Regular attendance and punctuality are important for continuity and optimum learning.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I can be reached at (818)-528-1600. Please use the number listed here or leave a note in my mail box in the main office. Please do not send email from this web page as this option will not allow you to contact me.