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oFfIcIaL rAnDoM pAgE

This page will be devoted to random interesting facts and questions,
musical or otherwise. ENJOY!

How can an official page be random? How can a random page be official?

  1. What is the largest muscle in your body? ANSWERD the gluteus mximus (your butt) Why does no one bring me random facts? ARF!! Well, one person did. Tnx Camila! You get a prize!
  2. You can eat as many egg whites as you like. They are not fattening.
  3. The second time Beethoven's ninth symphony was performed, it lost money.
  4. Bring me a random fact and I will publish it.
  5. The DISNEY Corporation uses more fireworks in the USA than anybody.
  6. How official!!
  7. Which Millikan Teacher will run the Amazon Rain Forest in October? (TRUE!)
  8. Can there really be anything such as an "official random page?"
  9. How many holes are there in the tiles of room 20? yes, an estimation will be fine.
  10. .Who is John Galt? ANSWERED a character in the novel ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand.
  11. What is the only word in the English Language ending in the letters 'eny?'
  12. Does Mr. K have a cat named Jeff? ANSWERED : YES HE DOES
  13. My favorite number. True or false?
  14. Is there such a thing as a flying turtle?
  15. Did you know males sea horses can have babies?