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When will Academy auditions be held?

Academy assessments begin in January, for the next school year.
Dates will be forthcoming and available in the magnet office by November.

When will Musical Theater Auditions be held?

MT auditions will be held toward the of the year. Watch for an
announcement in your homeroom. There will also be guidelines for auditioning
published to help students audition successfully. These will be available
when the audition dates are announced.

You can always ask me. I do not mind. :)

How is the Musical Theater class selected, and by whom?

The Musical Theater class will be selected by Mr. Krubsack, Mr. Frome
and Ms. Tyler. The selection is determined by the scores from the auditions
as well as teacher observation of performance in the dance, drama, and choir
classes. That actually is a good thing - - if you have a poor audition, and
one of the teachers knows your capabilities, s/he will undoubtedly speak up
for you. We know the audition process is not a perfect one, at our school or
anywhere in the entertainment world.

But we really try. We know people are very disappointed when they do not get
into certain programs, and we take the process - and students' feelings -
quite seriously.

I'm confused! What is musical theater? the academy? the magnet?

That's easy. Stop by the magnet office and get a brochure on
Millikan's programs. They are nicely explained there. But briefly:

THE PERFORMING ARTS MAGNET allows students to take dance instead of
P.E., and one other performance class (like drama, choir, band, etc). You
must apply to the magnet via the CHOICES
brochure which is published each year. The district provides busing for
magnet students who live out of the area.

THE PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY also allows dance and one other performance
class for the student. Busing is NOT provided by the district. Application
to the academy is by audition only. Students must prepare a broadway style
song (1 minute or so) and a dramatic  or comic monologue for the audition. A short dance routine is taught at the audition, to see how readily students pick up dance movement.

MUSICAL THEATER is a musical production class of about 100 students who
recieve daily training in three disciplines- drama, dance and voice. Entrance to the class is by audition only.
Auditions are held every spring. Announcements are made as to the dates.

I will accept any student who really desires to sing,
regardless of ability. So relax . . . Come and talk to me already!

for musical theater, the academy, drama production, or any choir class.

What show will we do?

Every year students and parents ask 'What show will we do?' The
answers will vary, depending upon which vocal class you are in. However EACH
class will perform two nights in the Spring Vocal Concert to be presented at the end of May 2011. Most
choir classes will perform in one winter festival concert - there are two - presented in December. Musical
Theater students will present one musical in winter and one in spring. Chamber Choir or Advanced Choir may perform in the Faire during open house in Spring.

Why does the plaque on your wall say 'Leo Drubsack?'

The L.A. Mayor's office printed it incorrectly in 2000 when I won
Lawry's Middle School Teacher of the Year award. I wrote to Mr. Riordan but
never received an answer.

Now, you may think my plaque is invalid, but to me it is actually m o
r e precious with the misspelling. I think it's great!

Will we learn to read music?

YES. Musical notation will be taught in periods 1, and 4 beginning
in the second quarter. I feel that it is important first to be singing every
day and developing experiences 'in the ear.' This will make learning
notation easier and more logical for the students.

  Asimilar strategy is being developed for periods 5 and 6.