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Our Friend Jon Anderson - have you read this?

Jon Anderson just sent me a new song! (August 2010) New music is so exciting!!
You haven't heard this song yet, but you will. We'll be learning it this
fall for presentation. . . Jon said that he imagined it being sung by
children, so here we go - the song is called "We Are Truth."

Read on! (especially if you have never heard this story)

I have always dearly loved and valued the music of Jon Anderson. I think it’s
important. Who is Jon Anderson?

Jon Anderson is a singer, songwriter, lyricist, musician who has been making
records and personal appearances for over 40 years. Most people are aware of
him through his work with YES (18 studio albums) and his numerous solo
records, or projects with keyboardist / composer Vangelis. His music is
beautiful and his lyrics, well, cosmic . . . and always positive. His voice
is clear, high-ranged and strong. His songs invoke special experiences indeed.

I met Jon Anderson in 1998, after I sent him a 30 minute video of our or
Millikan Choirs performing songs by YES and Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe,
with literally a hundred kids singing and playing all manner of instruments.
He was very impressed with the passion of our performances, and asked us to
sing with YES in a regular tour concert at Universal Amphitheater.

So on July 24, 1998, I had the opportunity to conduct YES with 57 of our
students in front of a sold-out amphitheater audience. Needless to say it was
an exhilarating experience. Jon loved meeting the kids. He sang with them on
and off stage, and has kept in touch with me ever since, always forwarding the
idea of integrating our Millikan childrens' voices with his music.

Over the last twelve years we have recorded for Jon or YES four or five times.
Several projects were never released, but in 2005, Jon released a song called
‘This Is’ on his DVD ‘Jon Anderson’s Never Ending Tour of the Universe.’ You
can hear our Millikan Choirs, as well as other children from all over the U.S.
throughout the track, but it’s only us singing with Jon in the final a capella

IN 2007 Jon re-released his "Three Ships" Christmas CD with five new tracks
added. The first song on the record is "Give Hope" featuring Jon and 240 of
our Millikan students - available on iTunes.

Jon’s solo work, and music with YES have been a part of our curriculum here at
Millikan since I arrived in 1995. We have combined some pieces with modern,
ballet and even hula dance (Change We Must) which our students have
choreographed. Some pieces have been arranged for student vocal and
instrumental ensembles with electric violin and diverse percussion sections.
Some songs we have performed in our concerts (a few are excerpts)
High Vibration Go On from ‘Awaken’
Anyone Can Light A Candle
Children of Light
Brother of Mine
Open Your Eyes
Turn of the Century (with complete ballet)
Give Hope (with 240 Millikan singers – on iTunes!)
Tiger, Tiger
The Man in the Moon
New Language
Disillusion (from 'Starship Trooper')
No Way We Can Lose
If Only You Knew
Give Love Each Day (completely choreographed)
Can You Imagine? (completely choreographed)
The Leaves of Green (from 'Tales from Topographic Oceans')
Change We Must
Endless Dream
Wondrous Stories
To Be Alive (Hep Yadda)
It Will Be A Good Day
A List of recordings can be found on the RECORDINGS page on this site.
As of this writing, I have just received a brand new Jon Anderson
song written in 2010 called ‘We Are Truth.’ Jon’s work continues to resound
in the spheres of human compassion, and the pioneering of a forward,
cooperative spirit among people of all cultures.

Jon's on line - check it out!