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Millikan Choirs' WorldWide Releases!

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Jon Anderson's Christmas record 'Three Ships' has been rereleased with 5 new tracks.
The first track on the CD is 'GIVE HOPE' featuring 240 Millikan Choir students. You
can get it on itunes.

DECEMBER 27, 2006

TODAY on Jon Anderson's myspace, our single 'Give Hope' has been posted. 225 Millikan students
participated in this recording. Thanks, Jon! For a link to Jon's my space go to the New Links page
on this site.

DECEMBER 10, 2006

Our single, 'Jeruselem' is available on British iTunes. For a link to Englebert Humperdinck's
website, click on the New Links page on this site.

It is the last song on 'Greatest Hits and More' available at Amazon.com.

After years of recording, we have a video release and a favorable mention for
our talented singers with Jon Anderson. We appear on Jon's new "Never Ending
Tour of the Universe' DVD on the song 'This Is' which we recorded in
September 2003.

Jon says 'thanks to Leo and the choir in the valley there in L.A. for singing my
songs and giving me so many hours of joy.' Before the song, Jon tells the story
of how he became aquainted with us and our singing Yes songs.

JUNE 2005

Billy Sherwood's project, 'Back Against the Wall' is released. This is an amazing remake of Pink
Floyd's 'The Wall' on which our Musical Theater Chorus sings 'Another Brick in the Wall.' the
musicians on this record are A-list virtuosos from the 70's -00's, and the scope of theis record
still astounds me - read more about it on Billy's site, found on the New Links page right here!