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About The Teacher

NAME: Leonard ('Leo') Krubsack
SCHOOL: Millikan Middle School
CLASS: Choirs, Musical Theater
SCHOOL PHONE: (818) 528 1600

About The Teacher


It is an honor and a pleasure to teach such talented children. My
philosophy, and the philosophy of many I have met is 'ANYONE CAN SING!' I
pursue learning / teaching with this philosophy.

P. S. I consider myself fortunate to be able to enjoy what I do.

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Leo Krubsack has been teaching at Millikan Middle School
for ninteen years. With a background in composition, arranging, voice and
conducting, Leo enjoys sharing his skills through his classes, shows and
concerts. Leo hails from Wisconsin, where he studied with the late classical
composer John Downey. Leo’s numerous compositions include chamber music,
songs in a variety of genres, sacred works and several albums of childrens
music. Leo loves working with middle school students – the perfect age - an
age of change and determination, the fork in the road – someone has to be
there to point them down a good path! Millikan is the perfect place to do
just that.

In 2009 Leo was honored with the BRAVO award by the Los Angeles Music
Center for excellence in arts instruction. He also was awarded middile school
teacher of the year in 2000 by the Lawry corporation. He has appeared in
Who's Who of American Teachers numerous times.

I try to be one of those teachers who can sell a student on the idea
that there is a lot of good out there - there is never a lack of good. No
matter how much 'bad' there can be. . . Doing your work is good. Caring
about your work and the quality of your work is even better. Smiling is
good. Helping is good, family is good, making a contribution is good. When
you walk in a room, contribute something. A quiet smile is a contribution.
Listening to others is a contribution. Picking up a piece of trash in the
hallway and throwing it away is a contribution. Not all contributions get
recognized, but that's not the reason to do them. Just do the good stuff.
Like Mookie. (remember Mookie?) "Do the right thing."
Think about the good stuff. GOOD STUFF is lovely, kind, strong, gentle,
honest, responsible, fair, trustworthy, generous and (contrary to what some
say) plentiful. If someone is great, then let them know how great they are!
It will never make you any less 'great.' Kindness is free. Generate
kindness. Kids, think on these things. Think on the good stuff.


The mission for every class is the same: to elevate the student
through standards-based education in music. Even though classes
and skill levels may vary, we wish every student to travel his/her own
path of enrichment during their time at Millikan Middle School, both
intellectually and personally.
At Millikan we believe that the performing arts are wonderful
sources of inspiration and development of intelligence, creativity and self
esteem for children. Even if the student never pursues a career in the
performing arts, s/he will gain confidence and knowledge about his/her
own abilities that will transfer into every area of life.

. . . and we always need more informed and appreciative audiences.
There is something great about being part of a good audience!