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Please go to your child's class page(s) and SUBSCRIBE if you would like email updates of upcoming assignments! 
ALL CLASSES: Remember to STUDY 10-15 Minutes EVERY NIGHT! (In addition to completing assigned homework)
See your CLASS PAGE for specific daily HOMEWORK assignments!

Grade 6 ELD: READ 30 minutes EVERY NIGHT!  You can also go on like we do in class!

Grade 6 English: STUDY: Narrative Elements Vocab., Plot Diagram, and The Circuit, Flipped,  My Superpowers, and Eleven Vocab. Lists

Grade 6 English: READ 30 minutes EVERY NIGHT! 

Grade 6 History:  STUDY : Ch. 1 notes and vocab. lists

 I will do my best to update the homework pages for all classes after school every day, but please know that there may be days when I forget or can not do it.  This is, however, a great place to start when it comes to knowing what we are learning in class and what students should be doing at home!  Please check your child's AGENDA at least once a week.  Students should be writing homework in agendas every day!

Please consider pressing SUBSCRIBE on the page or pages for your child's homework in my class or classes.  This will allow you to get an email notification each time that I update the homework.

I am available for extra help or catch up work during nutrition and lunch almost every day.  This is the only time I will consider accepting late assignments for partial credit!
To see important upcoming events, please check out Millikan's Home Page!



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How To Create Your Own Transfer Paper (Mosque Images)

A sped-up version of a video of me demonstrating how to create your own transfer (carbon) paper in order to draw your own version of a printed image. This is a great way to create illustrations without tracing, especially for people who don't consider themselves great at drawing a replica of an image they have printed.