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Contact Info: I may be contacted via email at with any questions regarding
classwork or homework, or with any concerns you might have regarding your student. You can also leave a note in my in-box in the Main Office.


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Please note that as of Monday, August 22nd, I will no longer be posting homework or information on this website.  You must use the log in codes provide to you by your student to login to the Jupiter Ed website.  Many of the parents have not done this yet.  This must be done by Monday, August 22nd for your child to receive credit.  Here is the URL:
Please note that there is homework due for Monday.  It is posted on the Jupiter Ed website.
Thank you.

Jupiter Ed

For those wondering about the Science Academy website, here is the URL:
We're still in the process of transitioning to the Jupiter Ed parent/student communication system. Soon, you'll receive a letter with your passcodes from each teacher for entering the site. For now, I'll continue posting things on the Millikan website. 

Find me here for the next few days:

Then you'll log on here for the rest of the school year:


Welcome! - updated 8/15

Hi, everyone!

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in my English and Ancient Civ class on Tuesday. Don't worry: we'll go into all kinds of details and answer many questions the first few days of school. But for now, I wanted to let you know a few things:

- The California Collections book is a brand-new English textbook adoption for this year, and I'm excited about exploring it with you all later in the year. But for now, you can leave it in your locker until we need it. We'll be starting the year with some selections from the previous English anthology, and I have a class set of those for use in class, so not to worry.

- The Ancient Civ book, though, we use almost every day, so please always make sure to bring that with you unless advised otherwise.

- VERY IMPORTANT: Please put your full names on the left inside front cover of all your books (unless told otherwise) in big, thick letters. Books are left behind all the time, and without your name in it, it may not find its way back to you. Parents: Please ensure that this is done. It saves so much time and energy all the way around.

- With regards to supplies, I will go over this in more detail tomorrow. For now, just know that I recommend you get a binder with tabs with loose-leaf paper. I recommend wide-ruled paper, rather than college ruled. I also prefer loose-leaf paper that does NOT have the plastic edging along the left edge. You may also use spiral bound notebooks, but they need to be the type with scoring along the left edge so that the curly edges can be easily torn off before turning in the assignment. I do not use composition books in my class. Please know that the expectation is that you will use black or blue ink for your assignments written on loose-leaf paper. I recommend erasable pens and/or white out tape (liquid white-out is not allowed). Worksheets and other work as discussed can be done in pencil. I recommend mechanical pencils so that you don't have to worry about sharpening them.

- The Hominid/Early Human summer homework presented in June is due on Thursday; however, I would like for you to bring it on Tuesday and Wednesday to share in class. Remember, if possible it should be typed and doubled spaced; if not, then very neatly written in blue or black ink and double spaced (skip every other line).

If you were admitted to the SciAcad over the summer, not a problem: let me know before or after class on Tuesday and I will give you the assignment with an extended due date.

That's it for now!

See you tomorrow,

Ms. Kincaid

Summer Ancient Civ assignment

This assignment will be due the second day of school, Wed. Aug. 19th.  Don't worry too much about formatting.  It should be typed in 12 pt. font, double spaced.  Beyond that, you can format the paragraphs as you wish for this assignment.  I want to get a sense of where everyone is at with their typed work. 

SciAcad Summer Reading Assignment

Here is the Summer Reading assignment.  As I mentioned, don't worry if some f the literary terms are unfamiliar as we will be going into them in much more depth in the fall.  Just pick a book you'll enjoy, read, and take notes.