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Millikan's Mission for Honors Coursework

Millikan Middle School hopes to create an environment where ALL STUDENTS are achieving at their highest potential. Our sincerest endeavor is to help our students become lifelong learners, desirous of being a part of a creative and informed citizenry and a highly productive work force.

At Millikan, our teachers take the bold step of preparing students to engage in group decision making in personalized learning environments that model democratic principles and social accountability. The foundation of our methodology is to value and promote diversity in our student population while focusing on the differentiated needs of the individual learner. The encouragement of presentation of student original thought in the public commons is respected and room is made for commentary and feedback. Teachers regularly allow time for students to discuss subject matter and offer presentation with/to their peers.  Public demonstration of student understanding takes its shape in the form of experiments, performances, and writings and creativity is something for which they plan.

We are certain that having access to "Honors" classes is a quite literally an honor and we are grateful to provide this opportunity for our students.

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