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What IS a GATE Program?

Millikan is committed to constant reflection on the success of our GATE Program.  We communicate with the community by sending home notes in student backpacks, via email and robocall, and by placing notice on our website.  Please check the homepage of our website for updates on all things GATE. 







Gifted Identification

       Screening, referral, and identification in all seven categories among all ethnic subgroups

       At least 6% of the total population and of each ethnic subgroup are identified gifted

       Gifted identification proportionately reflects the demographics of the school

       Active GATE screening committee

Instruction and Academic Achievement of GATE Learners

       Appropriate clustering and differentiated instruction for identified gifted learners

       Evidence of academic growth/achievement for identified gifted learners

Knowledgeable and Skilled Staff

       GATE teachers and administrators meet minimum GATE PD recommendations (16 hours annually for teachers; this is required for SAS schools)

Parent, Family, and Community Engagement 

       School holds at least two GATE parent meetings each year and regularly disseminates information to parents (e.g., parent newsletters, District meeting dates, etc.)

School has an active GATE parent representative