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Ischia Chen
UCLA Mentorship applications are due Friday, October 23rd!  Mentorship's mission is to inspire children towards higher education and the pursuit of their desired careers by providing them with role models and fostering meaningful relationships between them, rather than providing academic assistance. Our events are structured to create a fun-loving support system for each child and reveal to them their potential to succeed. Everyone is invited to join! You will be paired up with a mentor who is studying at UCLA and building a friendship that will promote school life with all its' ups and downs.
Spring Dual enrollment applications are due Friday, October 23rd!  We will be offering 2 courses: 

Astronomy ASTRON 001- Elementary Astronomy (UC/CSU) - 3 Units Requirement Designation: Meets IGETC 5A CSU B1 Students will study of the history of astronomy, celestial motions, the solar system, stellar origins and evolution, nebulae, galaxies and cosmology.

Monday, Wednesday from 3:10-4:35pm

THEATER 405 COSTUME DESIGN – (CSU) 3 UNITS Prerequisite: None | Lecture: 3 hrs A survey of historical periods and their application to the stage; an intensive study of costuming design for the stage; introduction to shop procedures; beginning principles and techniques of costume design including figure drawing, character analysis, and sewing.

Tuesday, Thursday from 3:10-4:35pm


Dual enrollment is for everyone.  To qualify, 2.0 GPA and no U's on the last report card. 

Announcement:  We changed the days for our courses.  Astronomy class will be every Monday and Wednesday at 3:10-4:35pm.  Costume Design will be every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:10-4:35pm.