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Spring Dual enrollment applications are due Friday, October 23rd!  We will be offering 2 courses: 

Astronomy ASTRON 001- Elementary Astronomy (UC/CSU) - 3 Units Requirement Designation: Meets IGETC 5A CSU B1 Students will study of the history of astronomy, celestial motions, the solar system, stellar origins and evolution, nebulae, galaxies and cosmology.

Monday, Wednesday from 3:10-4:35pm

THEATER 405 COSTUME DESIGN – (CSU) 3 UNITS Prerequisite: None | Lecture: 3 hrs A survey of historical periods and their application to the stage; an intensive study of costuming design for the stage; introduction to shop procedures; beginning principles and techniques of costume design including figure drawing, character analysis, and sewing.

Tuesday, Thursday from 3:10-4:35pm


Dual enrollment is for everyone.  To qualify, 2.0 GPA and no U's on the last report card. 

Spring Dual Classes will begin on the week of February 8th until June 7th 2021
For those of you who wants to learn how to log into LAMC portal for Dual college courses, please watch tutorial video that explains step by step on how to set up your SIS account so you can log into your course.  
Video Tutorials: (First bullet = College Application tutorial; bullet = “K-8 Dynamic Form” tutorial)


This week only!!!!  Please sign up if you don't know how to register online.         (K12) DYNAMIC FORM - NEW!

Register Here!

  • Thursday,  June 3   

Time: 2:30 pm
Space: Limited to 30 participants -- Click on the link to register!

Coming in the Fall Dual 2021!  See what peaks your interest for the 2 courses available in the Fall.  Both courses will be remote.  Courses run 14 weeks long, begins September 13, 2021-December 19, 2021.  We are taking in applications now!!!  You can apply through K-12 form if you are 13 and older online.  Please go to LAMC website and make your college account first.  You will receive an email from the college with your college ID number which you will then go online to fill out the Dynamic Form.  Please watch the video to show you step by step on how to complete online.  12 and younger, you will need to apply both applications:  SIS form and K-12 form.  Please email me the completed forms at
Thank you and hope to see many of you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!  Must have 2.0 GPA and no U's on report card.  Applications are extended to June 4th!!  
MULTIMD 402- Animation Workshop (CSU) - 3 Units An introduction to the principles, practices, philosophy, and discipline of design for animation. Topics include treatments, character and object design, storyboards and animatics for time-based media such as animation and video.  Must have Iphone or Ipad for this course.  
Interior Design INTRDGN 102- Introduction To Interior Design (CSU) - 3 Units Introduction to the field of interior design including the the elements and principles of design as applied to color, textiles, wall coverings, window treatments, space planning, furniture and lighting selection. Introduces basic drafting techniques. Products, services and career options are overviewed.